Try to Eat These Foods in Order to be Free from Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bone is thinning. This makes the bones become fragile and break easily. Osteoporosis usually attack those aged over 50 years. But now, this disease also began attacking a young age.

No need to worry. If you do not want to be the next victim, one of the actions you need to do is eat. But make no mistake! The point here is to apply a diet by eating foods that are good for bone health, as follows:

osteoporosisConsumption of foods high in protein

Protein plays an important role in the production of collagen for bone health. If you consume enough protein during bone formation in youth, then the risk of osteoporosis in old age will decline. Avoid foods high in saturated fat, such as red meat, chicken skin, lard, butter and cream. These foods can make bones thinner and thinner.

Fruits and Vegetables

Studies have shown that consumption of fruits and vegetables are good for bone health. Phenolic compounds and flavonoids contained in fruits and vegetables may increase bone density. In addition, these foods are also rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are useful for the muscles of the supporting bone. Consume fruits and vegetables that are green, yellow, orange, and red every day so that you get different nutrients.

Foods high in Calcium

Calcium helps increase bone density, prevent bone loss and fractures. To help absorb calcium, you also need a rich intake of vitamin D. Both of these nutrients can be found in low / nonfat dairy products such as yogurt, salmon, sardines, and dark green vegetables.

Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks

Alcohol can lead to bone loss. While caffeine is often found in coffee, tea and soft drinks can inhibit the absorption of calcium in the body.

Reduce salt

The study mentions, excessive amounts of salt causes the body to lose calcium. As a result, the bones become porous.

How to reduce salt intake?

Reduce the habit of buying food outside. Cook your own food, so that the salt used can be arranged.

Avoid foods high in salt. For instance, smoked-beef, canned vegetables, frozen meat, mustard or salad dressings, ketchup and packaged foods.

Not only to prevent osteoporosis, applying the above diet can also prevent many other dangerous diseases. As long as it is followed by a healthy lifestyle, and exercise routinely and regularly.