Seven Adverse Effects Due to Excessive Exercise

Currently, workout is becoming a trend among urban communities. Exercise is good for your health. Exercise can also be a solution for stress, depression and excessive weight. However, it could be the opposite when you do not limit the intensity of exercise. If you exercise more than 5 hours / week, you are at risk for over-training. What are the symptoms experienced when a person is exercising too much?


These are the main symptoms that may usually occur:

Excessive Thirst

Do you ever feel thirsty even though you had enough to drink? If yes, you may experience over-training. Over-training can cause your body is in a catabolic phase, which then makes you dehydrated. The key to overcome it is to make sure you drink enough while exercising or when resting.

Muscle Ache

It is normal if you experience muscle pain after exercise 1-2 days. However, if you are still experiencing muscle pain three days after exercising, try to take a break from sports activities. Muscle pain can be a sign your muscles are not fully recovered, and if the muscles are forced to work instead would interfere with your muscle building.


Excessive exercise can make you have trouble sleeping. Although, it is true that exercise can be one solution for your insomnia. However, your body needs time to regenerate cells at rest. Therefore, always have enough sleep, and do not engage in any hard activity ranging from 10 PM to 2 PM.


When exercising, the body will release endorphins that make us feel happy. On the contrary, if we exercise excessively or overtraining, we would be more at risk for developing depression.

Easily Hurt

Sport is one of the ways we can do to avoid the disease. However, if you exercise excessively, your body will actually experience a catabolic phase which can lower immunity and make you more vulnerable to illness.

Easily Injury

Do you often get injured even if you are already quite warm and stretch muscles? If yes, you may experience overtraining. If you exercise excessively, your body does not have the time and opportunity to rest. As a result, when you start exercising again, you become more susceptible to injury.

The Decline in Confidence

When you exercise excessively, you are likely to be “obsessed” to constantly exercise. This way of thinking will make you become obsessed and continues to feel less. This feeling will then make you less confident, irritability, and depression.