Preparation Before Running A Marathon

Lately, there are many marathon events are held. Not only is housed on the track to run away, but these activities are also held in the middle of a public street of the capital. Interesting!

If you want to succeed following the marathon, prepare yourself properly. Preparation can be done by fulfilling adequate nutrition-both before, during, and after running.


Before Running Marathon

People say that meal before running can increase energy. This is true, as long as you do it three hours before starting the marathon. In addition to eating, you are also advised to drink 500-700 ml of water three hours earlier. The goal is to prevent fatigue, discomfort in the abdomen, nausea, fullness, and other digestive disorders.

You are also advised to eat foods low in fat and fiber-like bread, pasta, chicken or low-fat meat. Additionally foods high in carbohydrates and fruits are also supporting your stamina-at least 3 days. The term commonly used for this is carbo-loading.

During The Marathon Running

Energy bars and bananas are consumed in sufficient quantities as a substitute for carbohydrates lost due marathon. Do not forget to get enough to drink so you are not dehydrated due to sweating and breathing heavily. Drink 300-600 ml of water, 15 minutes before the marathon starts. As you run, drink 150-350 ml of water to replace lost fluids.

You can drink water or isotonic fluids. Avoid soft drinks, fruit juices or alcohol. High sugar content in the drink can cause gastric emptying longer. Thus, you will experience discomfort in the abdomen.

After Running Marathon

After running a marathon, try to drink water in sufficient quantities. You can drink isotonic fluids or water. Drink plenty, though not thirsty. One hour after running a marathon, try to eat a high carbohydrate snack-like sandwiches, energy bars or banana.

Two or three hours after running a marathon, you can eat in big portion. For example a combination of carbohydrates (rice, pasta or potatoes) with protein (fish or chicken) and good fats-such as avocado or nuts. Avoid drinking alcohol within 24 hours after running a marathon, because it can lead to dehydration.

Apply the above things before following a marathon run to ensure the stamina and the condition of your body stay awake. Now, get ready to run a marathon!