Already Doing Sports, But the Weight is Not Even Dropped Yet?

Anyone is now racing to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It can be seen from the number of photos uploaded in social media featuring a variety of poses while exercising.

It certainly does not hurt and even good for health. But for those who are struggling to lose weight, exercise is often used as a ‘weapon’ when they want to eat a lot so as not to feel guilty. Maybe you’re one of the people who once said, “Ah, never mind eat one box of snack or junk-food, I’ll burn calories on a treadmill one hour later on.”

Watch Out! These habits can make you a static number of scales, even though you’ve been exercising.


You Are Not Professional Athletes

Most people who exercise are not people who truly understand the sport (like professional athletes). Professional athletes are eating is not only calculated from the number of calories, but also nutrition. For example, before the match, cyclists who want to race as far as 150 km consume carbohydrate foods are high in calories.

After eating one serving of fried chicken, fries, and ice cream from fast food restaurants, you may want to eliminate guilt by cycling around the complex. Actually, you can just work out after eating a lot, but still pay attention to the nutritional content of the food consumed by the number of calories.

Keep Eating

To be able to lose weight and build muscle, you need regular and proper exercise. However, if your diet is not maintained, then you will not have enough energy to work optimally. For example, before you consume sports drinks that are high in sugar, where it will make you easily limp and not powered when doing exercise.

The food that is not as healthy as foods high in sugar and high in fat will make you become weak and lazy to exercise. Conversely, if you eat foods that are healthy and nutritious, you will be more eager to exercise. So make sure before you exercise, you eat foods that contain complex carbohydrates and protein as an energy source.

The key to getting the ideal body is diet and exercise regularly. Exercising alone is not enough if you eat carelessly and do not pay attention to nutritional content.