5 Ways to Get Slim Body Permanently

People who have problems with obesity certainly have a dream to have an ideal body. And when they’ve lost weight, they certainly do not want to be like before. Here are some tips to keep your body slim and ideal permanently:


  1. Setting goals

Most people trying to lose weight just by focusing on one goal: reducing the number of scales. The process of weight loss cannot be separated from changes in diet and exercise patterns. Make this a habit. Set realistic goals and specific. For example, perform 30 minutes jogging for 5 times per week. In addition, also invest in yourself that your goal to lose weight is because it wants to be healthy. The number of scales are shifted to the left is just a bonus.

  1. Knowing the trigger

Are there situations in which you want to overeat? For example, when overtime, bored or stressed? Try to pay attention and change your habits. Instead of eating, you can do yoga to calm your mind. Additionally, throw away unhealthy snacks. If the snack is available around you, of course it will be easier to reach.

  1. Always feel full

Yes, you should always feel full. How to achieve this condition? Certainly, to reach this is by not to eat a lot and excess. When you eat, eat slowly so that the brain has enough time to give a signal that you’re full. Try giving your meal at least 15 minutes. In addition, multiply also eating fiber such as fruits and vegetables to keep you full longer.

  1. Give a gift to yourself

When you successfully lose weight, try to treat yourself. Certainly, not with one pan of pizza. Gifts can be as simple fun you like to buy goods that have long you desire, or go to the spa. Pamper yourself once in a while certainly does not hurt, right?

  1. Monitor the self-continued advancement

You can write down how much you are exercising or anything else you eat in a journal or application. Doing this would not only be aware of your progress, but it can open your eyes about what you’ve done so far.