5 Easy Tip Burn Calories at the Office – Also What We Do in Our Chamber Office

Jane (31) is an internal auditor in a multinational company. Daily working hours are full of uncertainty, especially when being hunted deadline. Sometimes she would come home late at night if overtime. Already the past three months, Jane felt his weight increase and no longer fit as before. The cause is particularly because of the habit of snacking when overtime and do not have time to exercise.


Do you have a similar issue with Jane? Busy job makes you do not have time to exercise? Do not rush to blame the job! Although busy in the office, you can work around this by doing this activity to burn calories:

Change habits when going to work

Do you go to work every day by driving personal vehicles -good the car or motorcycle? If yes, try to park the vehicle a bit far from the location of the office, so inevitably you will go further. If the office location is not too far from home, you need to try biking or walking to work. Or if you are a user of public transport, stop further away from its usual place and continue on foot.

Walk, Walk, and Walk

Avoid sitting behind a desk all day at work. Do it all means that you remain active despite being in the office. Your office is on the upstairs? Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Would you like to discuss via email or WhatsApp with coworkers? Now, try to walk over to their work desk every time you need something to be discussed. Does your job require a lot of calling colleagues throughout the day? Try to do it while walking rather than sitting. Are you ready to go for a lunch? Forget the office boy. This time, go out and buy your own lunch.

Simple Exercise

If the job requires you to always be at the table, you can still do a simple exercise. Sit upright with both feet flat on the floor, pull the belly inward. Lift your right foot and then lower. Repeat on foot next to it. Repeat as setting foot on the ground. Repeat these for 30 reps.

Fitness equipment near workbench

Keep a barbell or fitness elastic cord in the drawer of your work. Perform lifting barbells on the sidelines of time working or stretching with elastic rope fitness. Want more challenge? Replace your seat with a fitness ball (as they are used for Pilates). The elastic ball that will make you ‘forced’ to sit upright and strengthen the core.

Engage in physical activity every job

Does your job require a lot of meetings and discussions with colleagues? If possible, do a meeting or discussion while walking sessions. Do you often out of town for service? Choose a hotel that has sports facilities, so that on the sidelines of leisure time you can work out at the fitness center or swim. If not, you can also do sports yourself without tools such as push-ups, sit-ups, or plank.

Give time to be more active in the office. Your health is more valuable than anything else. One of the key so that we could always live a healthy life is by balancing calories in and out. Perform regular physical activity, and most importantly, choose food according to the needs of our calories. Because while healthy, you can do a lot of things include every day works.