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Research of Diets by International Health Chamber of Commerce

diet types

There is a time when we already performed a diet and exercise, the weight is still not moving down. The scales are also even shifted to the left. We begin to feel frustrated. Finally, we also “justify” all the way cutting the unwanted weight in the body through diet in ways that were not beneficial for our health.


What Kind of Diets Are They?

Detox Diet

Detox diet is a diet by consuming only liquid (usually juice or beverages) with no or only little eating solid foods. Will your weight be declining?

Of course, however, this diet is not safe and is not beneficial for health since we will lose various essential nutrients for the body.

When we return to the original diet and eating solid foods, our weight will also be increased. Moreover, the effect is we become furthermore lethargic, low energy, difficulty focusing and difficult to move.

HCG Diet

This type of diet has been discovered since 50 years ago. Although there are numerous people who successfully lose their weight in a jiffy with the HCG diet, however, there are still a few people who still have a wrong perception regarding this diet.

Through this type of diet, we expect to have a healthy lifestyle after we finished this diet. There are countless success stories of several people who lost weight by 25 pounds in a month.

However, not a few people whose weight eventually climbed back more than ever before. To consider when anyone wants to experiment with this diet, is to carry out a research and find HCG drops diet information, whether you are in the US, UK, or Australia.

If not, afterwards, we will end up with no results. One essential note is to maintain your healthy lifestyle following completion of the HCG diet so that your weight remains appropriate.

Diets High in Protein

High-protein diet is a diet by eating foods high in protein, such as meat, eggs, and cheese. At a glance, a person may seem healthy with a decent dietary protein intake.

When we do not eat carbs, we will lose weight faster since we lose water. Consequently, without extra carbohydrates, the body will burn fat faster and become energy. It is also called ketosis.

Ketosis can cause headache, restlessness, nausea, kidney disorders and palpitations.

The American Heart Association itself has not recommended a diet high in protein. Eating fatty meats and dairy…

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Tonsils and Respiratory Tract Blockage



Everyone has the tonsils. Palatine tonsils (tonsillectomy) amounted pair, an oval-shaped mass located beside the throat. These formations tonsils are normal to everyone.

Normally, tonsils limited to its area, but the growth of the tonsils can be expanded as a result of prolonged or repeated infections or enlarged tonsils. Tonsil microscopy structure is closely related to its function as an immune organ. Kripte-epithelium works as the immune system to antigens entering through the respiratory air, and what is eaten by a person.

The symptoms of enlarged tonsils can be due to blockage of the nasal voice behind the nose and breathing disorders (when you wake and sleep) and swallowing disorders. Location of tonsil anatomy is closely related to diseases of the Eustachian tube / middle ear and sinuses.

Straight EC et al, 2015 was researching smoke exposure in children can increase the rate of tonsillectomy in children with recurrent strep indication on the throat. Another study examined the association between eating habits with the risk of tonsillitis, and in this study gets meaningful results, types of food affect recurrent infection of the tonsils.

When Could Tonsils Inoperable?

When you hear the word surgery, patients sometimes feel scared and immediately move doctor or seek alternative treatment. However, of course doctors have special considerations when a person has to undergo surgery.

A. Obstruction

  1. Hyperplasia of tonsils with obstruction
  2. Impaired breathing during sleep (Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, upper airway resistance syndrome, obstructive hypoventilation syndrome)
  3. Failure to thrive
  4. Cor pulmonale
  5. Swallow Abnormalities
    a. Verbal Abnormality
    b. Orofacial / dental abnormalities
    c. Lymphoproliferative Disorders
  6. Infection
    a. Recurrent / Chronic Tonsillitis
    b. Tonsillitis with cervical node abscess, acute airway obstruction, valvular-heart disease
    c. Tonsillitis persistent with sore throat, nodes cervical pain, halitosis
    d. Tonsilolithiasis
    e. Streptococcal career status that is not responsive to medical therapy in children or families at risk
    f.  Peritonsial abscess that is unresponsive to medical therapy or in patients with recurrent tonsillitis or recurrent abscess
  7. Neoplasms
    Suspected neoplasms, both benign and malignant

Does tonsillectomy a dangerous operation?

Of course, all surgery cannot be called “harmless”, all the measures to contain risks, but you will get clear information from your doctor about the advantages and disadvantages when surgery or other roads.

Is there any way other than surgery?

This of course needs to be discussed with your doctor, because of the different cases found in every individual. However, the anxiety facing surgery or other medical treatment sometimes make patients…

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